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DayVision, LLC is the brainchild of me, Randy Tayler.
I hope to be launching my first paid app by mid-January.
For me on me, go to my personal website.

Some websites owned by DayVision, LLC:


Freelance Android Apps: a Brief Portfolio...

My first app is called You In The News, and pretends to search for your name in newspaper headlines. It's sort of a practical joke app -- hand it to your friend to play with, and enjoy their reaction at the absurd headlines (40 or so total) that it "finds" with their name.

You In The News Dodo Murderer


Then, in time for Halloween 2011, I built Horrorscopes, an app that gives you your own personal doomsday prediction. Well, sort of personal. Okay, not very personal at all. There's a new horrorscope for each astrological sign every week; this app simply displays them. Not too complex -- you can also just visit the Horrorscope website to see the same results.

Horrorscope No time like the present...


This app, which I simply call Spaceship Cockpit, was for my three girls, ages 8, 5, and 3. I saw them playing in cardboard boxes pretending to be in spaceships, and decided to give them a spaceship console or cockpit to aid in their fantasy. The interactions and animations are fun and straightforward; you can accelerate and zoom through the cosmos, select your destination planet, and play a small bevy of sounds from the buttons on the side.

Spaceship Cockpit